Bryan Fox Pack Private Vol. 9 “Closing Summer”

Descarga Gratis:

1. Mi Gente vs Dale Don Dale (Bryan Fox Private Intro)
2. Ráfaga – Mentirosa (Bryan Fox Remix)
3. Lorna vs Massive D – Papi Chulo (Bryan Fox Mashup)
4. Tego Calderón – Pa Que Lo Gozen (Bryan Fox Remix)
5. Aqui Se Baila De To (Bryan Fox Troll Edit)
6. Rvfv – Mirandote (Bryan Fox Remix)
7. Dayvi – Baila Conmigo (Bryan Fox Remix)
8. China vs Ella Me Levanto (Bryan Fox Private Mashup)


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FEEDSON, Andrew & Lucian – Full Down

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Chilean DJ/Producer of electronic dance music.


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Dúo Djs/Producers from Argentina(Antes LuFreX)



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If you are a fan of Music Mixes especially : TECHNO – You are in the right place. Enjoy your stay and don’t forget to share the mix if you like it or comment, that will help a lot. 😀

Prime time warehouse rave! Nonstop dancing guaranteed!
Drive Carefully!!!

1: Speedy (Intro)
2: In Principio (Original Mix) – Intro
3: The Approach (Original Mix) – Alan Fizpatrick
4; Descending Fog (Original Mix) – Steam Shape
5: Returning To Here (Original Mix) – Stiv Hey
6: A Flicker In The Dark (Original Mix) – Rustek
7: Ripple Of Hope (Original Mix) – Dale Fairbairn
8: Definition ( Original Mix) – Dale Fairbaim
9: Extremos (DRVSH Remix) – Lucas Aguliera
10: Mistake (Original Mix) – Teenage Mutants
11: Between Now And Never (Original Mix) – Dave Sinner
12: Mocker (Original Mix) – Thomas Evans
13: Bladerunner (Original Mix) – Lunatique Sublime
14: After Time (Original Mix) – Cosmic Boys
15: Space Date (Pleasurekraft Remix) – Adam Beyer, Green Velvet, Layton Giordani
16; Cygnus (Original Mix) – Dave Sinner
17: Esoteric (Orignal Mix) – BolsteR
18: Lacerate (Hell Driver Remix) – Darmec
19; Resist (Bolster Remix) – Superstrobe
20: Resistance (Original Mix) – I Am Bam
21: Human Error (Darian Jaburg Remix) – Matharti
22: Son Of A Gun (Original Mix) – Jens Lissat, Christoph Pauly
23: Come With Me (Original Mix) – Raito, i-o
24: Infini ( Original Mix) – Cosmic Boys
25: Himalaya (Cosmic Boys Remix) – Marc Maya
26: Modulator (Original Mix) – Celic, Dok & Martin
27: Neos (Original Mix) – Heerhorst
28: Extraterrestrial (Orginal Mix ) – Julien Earle
29: Sub Space (Original Mix) – Joe Blake
30: Black Sky (Robert S (PT) Remix) – Secluded
31: RDM (Original Mix) – Murat Ugurlu
32; Acid Andromenda (Kmyle Remix) – Cardao
33: Pianos (Orignal Mix) – Robert S (pT)
34: Chorian (Original Mix) – Blooma
35: Orion Nebula (Original Mix) – Spiros Kalaomuenos
36: Connect (Orignal Mix) – Tomas Sinn
37: Meadow (Exdended Mix) – Reset Robot
38: Polymath (Orignal Mix) – Frankyeffe, Teenage Mutants
39; Everybody’s Changing (Original Mix) – Murat Ugurlu
40: Asteroid (Original Mix) – Rabo Traumata
41: Denial (Rudosa Remix) – Durtysoxxx
42: Merging Matters (Brennen Grey Remix) – Duss, Dennis Apec
43: Love Distortion (Introversion Remix) – Ellen Allien
44: Underground (Original Mix) – Bertzi
45: Speedy (Outro)!/DjBrasco…iew_as=subscriber


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Beatkarma Burningman 2019 Camp Q Set

I love you Camp Questionmark!!!
Set list:
1. 08
2. ZCR & Runnit- Kiss the Curb
3. Holly x Quix x Montell2099 x Villette x Elevate- How I Do
4. bd hbt x yojas- sus
5. Beatkarma- 24/7
6. KxNFLEX- Bleed
7. Dabow- Ole (William. remix)
8. Beatkarma- Boss
9. Klavay & Runnit- Mowgli
10. ASHEZ & Edekit- Sold
11. Neem
12. Beatkarma- Bhang
13. Hills & Walrus Tales- Sloane
14. Fryar- AOAS
15. Ape Drums- Like this
16. Juelz- Milf$$$$
17. Shuffle w/ 813
18. FLY- Bengali
19. Weather Beats x Xtals- Brick Talk
20. Kyral x Banko x FLY- Calculate (feat.$K)
21. Bonnema x zndr- Black and White
22. leet x Bonnema- tsk
23. Ritual
24. In My Cup
25. Episcool & Dabow- Untitled
26. Adiidas x Beatkarma- Tea
27. Beatkarma- Vance
28. Milano- Ballon Animals
29. GeorgiaP- Juice
30. Adiidas- Dead
31. Park- Drum School
32. RAPTR- Wildcard (ft. Javas)
33. DJANK YUCCA- Undaground
34. Mo Vibez & L*o*J- Juggernaut
35. Beatkarma- Dabi
36. Frequent & COPYCATT- Tom’s Battery
37. XAVIER- Skate Board (Gurf remix)
38. LEIKELI47- Girl Blunt
40. LHOMIE- Killa on the Loose
41. BONNEMA x chaca- SAFARI
42. Gurf- steppin
44. American Dave- Tyson


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FUXWITHIT Guest Mix: 067 – Chow Chow


Chow Chow x southgate. – ID
Chow Chow x Guilt Chip – ID
Aweminus – Self Destruct
Cancel x Detrix – ID
Oski – Fuccapop
Kayzo x Tynan – Monster (ft. Matty Mullins)
Chow Chow x Dessigner Toys – ID
Allen Mock x Chow Chow – Phantom
w/ Eater – Punch
TRVCY – Give You Everything
Chow Chow – ID (Only Use This Live Edit lol)
Chow Chow – Theres Someone Drowning In My Neighbors Pool
MOODY GOOD – Bite Your Lip (Chow Chow Live Edit)
bd hbt x LAF – Drought
Chow Chow – Strangle
STUCA – Shift
Chow Chow – Lucid Dream
Cancel – ID
Josh Cassidy Suffer
Ursine Vulpine x Annaca – Without You
smolspider – fuck yojas
Gladez – Favela
Eater – Presence w/
IC3PEAK – Sad Bitch
Chow Chow x Runnit – Rob/Repeat
Chow Chow – Mikasa(I wish I was as strong as you)
INZO x Blookah – Let It Slide(ft. Leo Napier)
Chow Chow – Your Dumb Rat Ate Through My Keurig Plug
RL Grime x What So Not – Tell Me (Reaper Remix)
Annix x EJ Kitto – Only Forever
SuperAve. – Astros
Abelation – Who Do You Think You Are?
Chow Chow x Golden Child – Ritual
Chow Chow – My dearest Jack, oh I hope my premonition is wrong
Hairitage – Beef With Me
SUAHN – Body
Chow Chow x Herbalistek – ID


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New mix from @fulbset
Sit back, take a spliff and enjoy!


1. Venom RG – Fucking Beat Back
2. JDVL – Regular
3. Keeld & Koos – Fury 161
4. Tchami – Rainforest (Luis Da Silva Remix)
5. Badjokes & Kage – My Food
6. Oliver Tree – Fuck (Odd Mob Evil Edit)
7. DLMT – Hypnotize
8. Curbi – Flip It
9. Fulbset – At All Costs
10. Mike McFly – Choo Choo feat. Fatt Mox
11. DLMT & Paraleven – One Drink (Fulbset Remix)
12. Asdek – Kitty Salad (ft. LexBlaze)
13. Koos & Lozz – Outta Space (ft.7yearsl8er)
14. B3RROR & Axollo – Team
15. OMNOM & Steady Rock – On Sight
16. Madbliss & DELAY. – late night smacc


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Mo Falk – You’re Wild

”I feel so very very lucky to be back on hex and still can’t believe how far I have made it with your help. I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who stands behind me and supports me, you are the best” – Mo Falk

Follow Mo Falk

2018 marked the starting point of an already impressive flight for the Falk, with his debut single ‘Mammut’ putting Mo straight into the limelight. And he’s only just getting warmed up.
Hailing from Berlin and growing up around classical music, Mo is the typical example of somebody who knows the rules but finds joy and challenge in breaking them. With years of musical training and an SAE certificate under his belt, there is no denying Mo’s musical capabilities.
With releases on high-profile labels such as Hexagon, Heldeep Records and Mixmash Records, Mo Falk has proven to be one of the most interesting upcoming DJ/Producers at this moment. Rocking stages in your cities very soon.



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Trackia On Air Episode 20

Welcome to the September 2019 episode 20 of Trackia On Air!
New music this week from DallasK, Frey, Carta, Hook N Sling ft.The Loose Cannons,
Beowülf & Dualmind ft. Vic Brow, MiHi, Stafford Brothers,
Oliver Wade, Tom Staar & Brian Cross, Tony Junior & John Christian and more..

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Thanks for following me.. Listen up enjoy!

Trackia On Air Episode 20

1-DallasK – I Know (Extended Mix)
2-Frey – Turkish Showbiz (Extended Mix)
3-Carta – Technologic 2019 (Original Mix)
4-Hook N Sling ft.The Loose Cannons – Superstars (Extended Mix)
5-Beowülf & Dualmind ft. Vic Brow – Rollin’ (Extended Mix)
6-MiHi – Take Me To My House (Extended Mix)
7-Stafford Brothers – Canto (Extended Mix)
8-Oliver Wade – Okay (Extended Mix)
9-Tom Staar & Brian Cross – Hornets Nest (Extended Mix)
10-Tony Junior & John Christian – Technoprime (Extended Mix)
11-Julian Jordan – Bassline (Extended Mix)
12-Magic Sound – Mars 2044 (Extended Mix)
13-Lowage – Freak Show (Extended Mix)
14-Mo Falk – You’re Wild (Extended Mix)
15-Max Fail & Jonathan Wagner – Alone (Extended Mix)
16-Marnage & Kamix – Anymore (Extended Mix)
17-Maximals & FaderX ft. Jordan Grace – Free (Extended Mix)
18-Suyano – Playing In The Sun (Extended Mix)
19-K.E.N.T. – Ganja (Extended Mix)
20-W&W Vini Vici – Chakra vs. MR.BLACK & Ale Mora – Party People (Vini Vici X MR.BLACK Tomorrowland 2019 Edit)


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This week’s superb lineup of the chillest house in BERMUDA SESSIONS i gots you music from: Hayden James, Adam K, Avoure, ZHU + remixes from Ryan Murgatroyd and Kyle Watson.

0:00 ID – My Baby
3:03 Hayden James – Better Together (ft. Running Touch) [FUTURE CLASSIC]

9:41 Diversion – Would You Just (ft. Yemi Bolatiwa) [COLORIZE ENHANCED]
14:36 Adam K – Shadows feat Veronica (Extended Mix) [SPINNIN’]
18:56 SG Lewis – Hurting (ft. AlunaGeorge) [UNIVERSAL MUSIC SPAIN]
21:54 Just Kiddin – Body Talk (Extended Mix) [SONY]

25:14 Eli & Fur – You’re So High [PLAYLISTER RECORDS]
29:29 Lane 8 – Stir Me Up (Ryan Murgatroyd Remix) [THIS NEVER HAPPENED]
33:25 SKIY, Bram Fidder – Eyes For You (Extended Mix) [SPINNIN’ DEEP]
36:02 Jason Burns – Remember ft. Erica Dee [ARTIST INTELLIGENCE AGENCY/ECHELON]

39:10 ZHU – Guilty Love [MIND OF A GENIUS]
42:56 Adam K, Vintage Culture – Pour Over (Kyle Watson Remix) [SPINNIN’ REMIXES]
48:08 Avoure – Aura [THIS NEVER HAPPENED]
54:38 Nihil Young, Wolf Story – High On You [BMKLTSCH RCRDS]


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Deep House Mix 2019 | Noble Sessions #155 by Adrian Noble

Deep House Mix 2019 | #12 | The Best of Deep House 2019 by Adrian Noble
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[00:00] How Do You Sleep (Back N Fourth Bootleg)
[01:45] Hate How Much I Love You (Joel Corry Remix)
[03:20] Gorgon City & MK – There For You
[04:37] Liar (Charlie Lane Remix)
[06:16] When You Know What Love Is (TRP Remix)
[08:24] Sweet Piece of Insomnia (RG11 Mashup)
[10:12] Senorita (Welshy Remix)
[11:30] Take Me Back To London (Back N Fourth Bootleg)
[12:55] Nalestar & FREAKPASS – Never
[14:04] T. Matthias – Would I Lie To You
[15:22] EDX – Stay
[16:28] Alesso & SUMR CAMP – In The Middle
[17:30] Better (T. Matthias Remix)
[18:32] Like a G6 (Trafoier Remix)
[19:34] Praise You vs. You Little Beauty (WeDamnz Mashup)



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